Edgar Cayce on the Crucifixion

The Edgar Cayce material provides important details into the events of that time, while encouraging all who profess to follow Jesus, to understand the purpose of His crucifixion, both for humankind as a whole, and as it relates to what we each are called to crucify within our own selves. Cayce's emphasis, however, is on Jesus' overcoming the bonds of death, and the glory of His resurrection and reunion with God.

The Cayce readings indicate that Jesus actually faced his greatest trial in the garden of Gethsemane - a trial of the Spirit - as He faced his own fears and doubts regarding the challenge to come. The weight of this burden was compounded by the loneliness He felt at the apparent indifference of those friends and disciples who fell asleep while on watch. Once He had faced and overcame his desire for "the cup" to pass Him by, and aligned His will with God's will, 
He was prepared to face everything to come.

So Cayce turns the focus of the trial and crucifixion from the pain - even suggesting that Jesus joked with his disciples as they walked toward the garden, and laughed on the way to Calvary - to the ultimate purpose of these miraculous events. 
Even while the powers that be sought to bring Him to His knees in pain and disgrace, Jesus rejoiced; His entire being was focused on the glory of His purpose for living in the earth - the opportunity to bring Redemption to humankind.

From the Cayce perspective, there is a personal message for each individual to consider in the example shown by Jesus. 
"In those periods of transition from 'It is finished,' comes that which is to each heart the determination that it, too, may know the blessed hope that comes in seeing, knowing, experiencing the Cross in the heart, the body, the mind."

The passion of Jesus Christ is not about bodily pain suffered. It is not about abandonment by devoted friends and followers, as sad and lonesome as that was. It is not about public humiliation and condemnation, as distasteful as that was. The real passion is the inner struggle to do what one has come to know as right, as good, and in harmony with God. Each of us has the opportunity to take up the cross of right thinking, right purposes, and right attitudes each day.

It always helps to keep an eye on the resurrection, the happy ending, the Promised Land that awaits us on the other side of our suffering. Jesus returned and enjoyed being with all his friends and followers again, walking and talking with them, eating fish and honey with them on the beach. Suffering is not the goal. It is a natural experience of one who is transforming, one who is dying to the old and birthing the new. We are moving from self-willed, self-conscious beings into oneness with the God of infinity, toward universal consciousness and love. The current self is in pain as it gives birth to the new self. Present loves and beliefs strain under the pressure to perceive and allow higher levels of love and truth. This is the true passion, and it is the passion that every soul goes through.



Excerpts from writings by Edgar Cayce: compiled by Jozef Dominguez
Credit is hereby given to Edgar Cayce, A true inspiration amongst the seas of fallacy.  
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